FOX19 Exclusive: 1-on-1 with Sarah Palin

Note: FOX19 also put in requests for one-on-one interviews with Barack Obama or Joe Biden, but no response was given.

By Tricia Macke - bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A question often asked to women who manage to raise their kids while juggling a demanding career is simply, 'How do you do it?'

Sarah Palin will tell you, 'You just do.'

She is raising five kids, including a special needs baby, while traveling the country vying to be the nation's next vice president. In fact, she usually has her children in tow.

She came out of nowhere, and arrived like a lightning bolt.

The governor of Alaska, mother of five, former mayor and PTA member. A hockey mom who fishes and hunts, she's quick to give a wink and a smile. Yet still known as a pit bull with lipstick, this virtual unknown picked to be the vice president on the Republican ticket.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

TRICIA MACKE: "Everyone has an opinion of Sarah Palin, some are making a career out of it. Tina Fey's impersonations have been a hit on Saturday Night Live."

SARAH PALIN: "I'm sure we're going to keep providing Tina Fey more material every Saturday night," said Palin. "Job security for her, I'll tell you."

TRICIA MACKE: "What do you say to the people who go either way, the soccer moms who love you or the ones who are laughing in front of Saturday Night Live. Does it bother you?"

SARAH PALIN: "I know it's not me personally, it's not Sarah Palin from Alaska that is out there, it's what I represent. It's every day hard working American voters who are seeking positive change and wanting a track record to prove what a candidate is all about, so, very happy to do it very thankful over the support. As for the critics, the shots I'm taking or the campaign's taking, I put that in perspective, there are so many other people taking tougher shots than I'll ever take, it's kind of like the old sticks and stones thing. Others who have lost a son or daughter in war or are looking at losing their home or job, those are the shots that really matter."

TRICIA MACKE: "The polls are back and forth, do you look at them every day?"

SARAH PALIN: "I do not, because being so singularly focused on getting the plan articulated and out there to the American people, that's what I'm focused on and that's energizing to me."

TRICIA MACKE:" How will a McCain/Palin ticket differ from Obama/Biden ticket? What are the key differences do you think?"

SARAH PALIN: The ticket that supports policies that will support creating jobs and reduce taxes on our businesses and on our home owners also and reigning in government spending not growing it and especially energy independence, as opposed to the other ticket supporting policies that will kill jobs, increasing taxes and growing government."

TRICIA MACKE: "What do you say to the people freaking out about the economy?"

SARAH PALIN: "One thing we have to do is create more jobs, got to reduce taxes on our businesses. Barack Obama's plan for nearly a trillion dollars more in a new government growth, yet not explaining where the dollars will come from, he's got to increase taxes to pay for all the things he is now proposing."

TRICIA MACKE: "Will we at some point see Sarah Palin for president 2012?"

SARAH PALIN: "Let us get through the next 25 days with that campaign promise to usher in positive change and put government back on the side of the American people."

Aug. 29, the first time America was introduced to Sarah Palin, kind of seems like a million years ago. Now, her up-do is on many to-do lists. Her Kazuo Kawasaki 704 rimless glasses are impossible to spot, and those Naughty Monkey brand, peep-toe shoes are most talked about 3-inches in town.

And then, there's the bashers, the bloggers and Anti-Palinites. In these six weeks, the governor says she's gotten used to it.

"If you don't have thick enough skin to deal with that as a candidate, you shouldn't even be running for office," said Palin.

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