Was supper club fire arson?

By Steve Oldfield - bio | email

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY (FOX19) - Fire experts and survivors of the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire are standing together, calling for action after a year and a half long investigation.

They held a news conference on Sunday on the driveway leading up to the site after holding a meeting on Saturday at Northern Kentucky University with fire experts reviewed files on the case.

Survivors and experts have spent the past year and a half examining more than 30 boxes of documents from the original case, and tracking down dozens of witnesses. They say their work should be the backbone of a Beverly Hills Commission.

Rumors of arson linger despite a ruling that faulty wiring caused the massive fire. One of the theories is that the fire is possibly connected to mob bosses who burned the place down because the owner refused to pay.

On Monday, David Brock, a busboy at the time of the fire, will take a letter to Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear detailing their findings and all the fire investigation guidelines that were violated 30 years ago, calling for the case to be re-opened.

"There's 165 people who lost their lives on the top of this hill," said Brock. "We are speaking for them and demanding, begging the governor of the state of Kentucky to take a look at this."