UPDATE: Deters excuses self from possible voter fraud issue

Posted by Trina Kinstler - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton County prosectuor Joe Deters has excused himself from the alleged voter fraud issue in Hamilton County.

Deters filed subpoenas on Friday afternoon for complete registration records for 40 percent of the 671 voters who registered and cast a ballot during the weeklong early voting period.

During the early voting period, voters could register to vote and cast a ballot all at the same time.

The subpoena also calls upon the county's election director and deputy director to testify before the grand jury.

In a news conference, Deters says his office chose to take the case to court because there is probable cause of voter fraud. Voters could register without a form of identification.

"If we had investigated and found nothing, no one would know about this," he said.

Deters says his office has received numerous complaints, such as residents saying they have lived in their house for years, and they received a card from the Board of Elections saying someone they don't know lives there.

Of the 671 voters who registered, Deters says there are 166 who cannot be found in databases.

"I would hope that officials at the local and state level would enact some policies to ensure that whoever votes in this election is a qualified electoral," said Deters.

Deters also serves as John McCain's southwest Ohio campaign chair.

Judge Norbert Nadel has appointed Mike O'Neill as special prosecutor to the case.

The Hamilton County Board of Elections has called an emergency meeting to discuss claims of voter fraud.

It will happen at 4 p.m. Monday at the Board of Elections office.

Ohio and it's 20 electoral votes is considered a must win state. Early predictions say McCain and Barack Obama are running even.