UC Survey Results

FOX19 reporter Steve Oldfied, who is teaching a class at UC this quarter, had his students do a scientific survey of their fellow UC students on the upcoming election.

The following results are for a survey of 725 UC students who say they are registered voters for the November election.  The margin of error is three per cent.  The poll was done the week of October 13th.

How much will your parents' / family's political persuasion affect your vote?
Not at all 42% Somewhat 45% Very much 13%

Do you think John McCaIn's choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate is a good one?
Not at all 40% Somewhat 36% Very much 24%

Do you think Barack Obama's choice of Joe Biden as a running mate is a good one?
Not at all 18% Somewhat 53% Very much 29%

Are the debates playing a role in whom you will vote for?
Not at all 31 % Somewhat 48% Very much 21%

Which candidate will do a better job with the following issues:
Ending the war in Iraq?

McCain 23.5% Obama 51.5% Equal 8% Undecided 17%

Creating more jobs?
McCain 22% Obama 43% Equal 14% Undecided 21%

Improving the economy?
McCain 28% Obama 41% Equal 10% Undecided 21%

Lowering gas prices?

McCairi 28% Obama 33% Equal 13% Undecided 26%

Which candidate do you think cares more about college students/financial aid?
McCain 15% Obama 55% Equal 7% Undecided 23%

Who will get your vote?

McCain 29% Obama 43% Undecided 28%