St. Elizabeth, St. Luke merger complete

COVINGTON, KY - St. Elizabeth Medical Center Board Chair Tom Colvin has announed that the merger of the St. Luke Hospitals and St. Elizabeth Medical Center is complete.

The new combined organization has one board made up of all the board members from St. Elizabeth and St. Luke.

The boards of St. Luke and St. Elizabeth announced intentions to merge the two organizations in February 2007, with the goal of combining the strengths of both organizations to create an integrated, world-class health system for Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati.

The new combined organization has one board and will have one management structure, sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Covington.

The hospital facilities will retain their current names. The new combined organization will conduct an inclusive planning process to determine the best way to deliver and expand services and achieve cost efficiencies in the new system. Throughout the planning process, the first priority will be to maintain excellent patient care throughout the system.

No staff reductions are anticipated as a result of the merger.

With the merger complete, patients, staff members and others who interact with the hospitals will see little will change initially. A transition service agreement with the Health Alliance will provide specific support services and allow time for the new organization to build the infrastructure to support the entire system.