Josh Brahm's "September 11, 2001"

I wrote September 11, 2001 a few weeks after the tragedy. I wanted to convey the sadness and tragedy of that day, but also the hope. The world was not over. The nation was brought together as we heard the heroic stories about the firemen and rescue workers. They gave us hope.

The melody is really a tribute to those who died and their families, and those who worked at the site as firemen and policemen - even though they will never hear it. The warmth you hear is drawn from the heroic stories we all heard about the rescue workers who put their lives on the line and encouraged the world through the tragedy. And the hope you hear is in honor of the heroes of 9/11.

Josh Brahm

*FOX19 features the song written by the 18-year-old composer in promotions and features under the 9-11 Remembrance Special.