Economy, presidential election driving up gun sales

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - Deepening fears of recession, and what the presidential election could bring in terms of regulation, are driving up sales of guns.

The owner of Garrett Gunsmiths says his shop is the oldest in Kentucky, old enough for owners to know that when it comes to hard times, this business here often does pretty well.

Peter Garrett's a gunsmith, a tradesman who says he's not worried about business. He says his work has the caliber to make it through any recession.

"When times are good, people buy new guns, and spend their money on guns, but when times are bad, they'll fix up a gun or sell a gun and someone else can buy it," said Garrett.

Garrett mainly targets a specialty customer, but it's not just high end dealers doing well.

Some stores say they've seen a 25 percent increase in the sale of guns in the last three weeks, and not just because of hunting season.

"It took me buy surprise. We've been bombarded with customers," said Bryan Wiggins with Quick Cash Pawn.

Workers at the Quick Cash Pawn shop in Florence say gun sales has been the silver bullet for business lately.

And nationwide, gun sales are up almost ten percent. Many say that's due to politics and the recession.

At Garrett's gun shop, people say that makes sense.

"People are going to want to protect what they've got, weather it be monetary, and their house, or if it's the items that they've got, plus I think guns are a good investment," said shopper Tommy Gillespie. "They keep their value pretty well."