Latitude's Cafe Locavore Chili

Locavore Chili

1 fl oz of diced onion

2 fl oz of local hog sausage

Pinch of garlic

1 pinch of ground dried peppers

8 fl oz of pork & goat stock

1 fl oz of dehydrated butternut squash

1 fl oz of dehydrated apples

2 fl oz of dehydrated heirloom tomatoes

1 fl oz of dehydrated sweet red peppers

2 fl oz pulled goat meat

2 fl oz of pulled pork

Hand full of Saratoga chips

2 fl oz of graded cow milk cheddar

Boil cuts of pork & goat until tender (save stocks).  Pull both meats into thin strips, and set aside.  Sautee onion, hog sausage, garlic, & ground peppers until sausage is cooked, and then add the saved stock. Bring stock to a boil, and then add all dehydrated ingredients, along w/ pork & goat meat.  Simmer down until most of the stock is absorbed.  Pour into bowl and top w/ Saratoga's, & cow milk cheddar.