Driehaus ousts Chabot in late night surprise

After a vote-counting glitch that stopped put off Hamilton County voting results until well after midnight,  State Representative Steve Driehaus found himself the new representative for Ohio's First District in the US Congress.  Driehaus beat long-time congressman and fellow Westwood resident Steve Chabot with about 52 per cent of the vote.

The counting began with the release of thousands of early votes, giving Driehaus a large lead, but that lead was virtually erased with the first batch of traditional election day votes.  The next batch raised the percentage of votes counted to 48% and appeared to give Chabot a commanding lead.

Then the county's computerized vote counting system came to a halt.  After that was fixed, and the candidates and their supporters had left their victory parties, the vote totals for all but four precincts were released at about 1:25am, giving Driehaus a lead of around 15 thousand votes in Hamilton County, a lead that couldn't be erased by a huge Chabot lead in a small section of Butler County that is also in the Second District.  The last four precincts finally were counted by 3:00 a.m.

Steve Chabot was elected to Congress in 1994, defeating former Cincinnati Mayor David Mann.  Chabot was a member of Cincinnati City council before winning a seat in Congress.

Driehaus was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives in 2008. He had previously worked in Todd Portune's Cincinnati City Council office and for former First District congressman Charlie Luken.  He served in the Peace Corps after college.  He describes himself as a "pro-life fiscally conservative Democrat."