Casino backers want to keep trying

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

WILMINGTON, OH (FOX190 - Clinton County won't be getting a casino now, but the project isn't dead yet.

Even though Ohio voters rejected it, backers says they'll try again.

The new plan by My Ohio Now could include gaming venues in Cincinnati and other big Ohio cities, like Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo and Youngstown.

Organizers aren't wasting time, either. Developers says they plan to get a petition to the Attorney General by the end of the year and get a new initiative on the ballot for next November.

On Tuesday, Ohioans strongly opposed Issue 6, shooting it down 63 to 37 percent.

It's the fourth time Ohio voters have rejected an expansion of statewide gambling since 1990.

The new plan would still include a $600 million casino in Clinton County.

Some Wilmington residents want this because nearly 10,000 jobs will be lost when DHL ships out.

"It's pretty grim. It's going to be a pretty grim holiday season for the people that work at DHL, for the people who were looking forward to getting jobs at the casino, it's just not good," said Jennifer Stewart, a Wilmington business owner.

Wilmington city leaders say they aren't banking on the casino for jobs. They are courting other businesses to the airport.

The group My Ohio Now plans to make another changes to the proposal to tighten tax revenue and increase the license fee to the state.