Gun sales up following election

By Jill Eichorn - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Worries about how President-elect Barack Obama will uphold the second amendment has gun enthusiasts packing more heat.

Gun stores across the country look like the mall the day after Thanksgiving since voters chose Obama as president-elect.

The reason is gun owners are afraid the Democratic senator will re-enact a ban on assault rifles.

Gun owners say they're afraid of what to expect when president-elect Obama is sworn in. Gun stores say they're already they're seeing the effects, and that means more business now.

Jim Coombe is an international firearms competitor.

"I've been buying a lot of ammunition that can be banned by an executive order," said Coombe.

He says with Obama's election, gun owners have good reason to stock up now on assault rifles and certain kinds of ammunition which is already becoming more expensive.

"I think that by an executive order can ban the Eastern block ammunition which is among the most plentiful right now, which would cause us high volume shooters once again to suffer in terms of much higher prices," said Coombe.

Business at Target World is currently booming, thanks to Obama's election.

"We've done a whole month's worth of business in 8 days," said Joe Blanco, the owner of Target World.

They're up 900 percent in sales just this month alone, but there's a flip side. Low supply on some assault rifles like AK-47s.

"We have bought hundreds upon hundreds of these brands, types of guns and we're running out," said Blanco. "They're getting very hard to get a hold of now."

President-elect Obama has said while he supports second amendment rights, it didn't mean the rights couldn't be restricted.

And that has gun owners and suppliers wary.

"Last Thursday the guns I was selling for $850, I couldn't buy on Friday for $850. We're already seeing it happen," said Blanco.

Blanco says his store is lucky because he had already placed an order for more rifles before the election, and before supplies started running low.