Hamilton Co. sheriff speaks out against budget cuts

By Dan Wells - bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - FOX19's been reporting on the cuts that could lead to big job losses in Hamilton County.

Some of the cuts will affect the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, so Sheriff Simon Leis is speaking out.

"I've taken 30 percent of the hit for the entire county," said Leis.

A $31 million Hamilton County shortfall could translate to a potential mess on county streets.

"The recommended budget by the county administrator cuts my budget by $12,369,000, which translates to the laying off of 201 people," said Leis.

And that's on top of closing the Queensgate Jail, and letting more than 700 prisoners loose.

"There will be prisoners that should be locked up running the streets," said Leis. "There will be a lack of patrol officers patrolling those three townships and its going to create major problems in this county. I'm telling you it will be a public safety issue, a major public safety issue."

Another major cut would be $4 million, including personnel, that's spent each year to provide sheriff patrols to Colerain, Anderson, and Green Townships.