FOX19 Follow Up: Bulgarian family deported

By Jill Eichorn - email

AMELIA, OH (FOX19) - FOX19 told you earlier this week about a family who escaped from communist Bulgaria 14 years ago.

On Wednesday,  Mariana Webb took her parents to the airport as they had to leave the country.

On Thursday, Mariana herself reported to the INS in Columbus to be deported back to a country where masked gunmen once held rifles to her head.

Webb, 27, has been dreading this day since federal agents knocked on her door in February.

"SSaying goodbye to everyone I know," she said. "Saying goodbye to my life here."

She's packed her life into a 40-pound suitcase, the maximum she's allowed to take with her as she is deported to Bulgaria, a country her family fled after the Mafia made death threats against them.

But after 14 years in the US, paying taxes, graduating from college, marrying her husband, Mariana and her family must leave.

"They're separating my family," she said. "Three families are torn apart and for what reason? Who's going to gain what from? For absolutely nothing."

"Mariana's parents tried to become citizens years ago but were denied asylum because a judge found that being threatened by the Mafia didn't fit in the persecution guidelines."

"I think if somebody would have just paid attention to the case, read the papers, read the case files, maybe they would have seen there was a big mistake," said Mariana.

Mariana doesn't know how long she will be away from her husband. It could be months, maybe more than a year, before she can return.

"Nobody can bring the time back," she said "Every day is a lost moment."

When Marian was processed on Thursday, the INS took her to spend the night in the Butler County Jail.

She'll be put on a plane tomorrow.