What are these weird symbols on local streets?

By Steve Oldfield - bio | email

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - Some are calling them the urban equivalent of crop circles.

Dozens of arrows and other symbols spray painted on streets in northern Kentucky and through Cincinnati. A path. But to where, and by whom?

One of those urban free newspapers, the Pulse, first uncovered the mystery that surrounds quite a large area of the Tri-state, including the ever so Purple People Bridge.

It all begins in Bellevue, a peaceful town, and the source of the first mark, by a party place, creating an urban mystery.

It's easy to miss the arrows, and other symbols. City officials in Bellevue and neighboring Newport admit they had.

They wind through Newport, over the Purple People Bridge, and then through Clifton, UC's campus and on up.

Some theories are that it's part of a pub crawl, but bar owners along the route say they're not aware of anything.

Others think they're part of a scavenger hunt or frat boy prank.

But one thing's for sure. If you paint on the street and get caught, you could be following a path straight to jail!

The Bellevue police want to remind you the marks are a misdemeanor and maybe worse. They're defacing public property and that could bring fines and even jail time.

This isn't the first area to be dumbfounded by the markings. Last mont, Surrey, England experienced the same markings, and they still can't figure them out either.

So, what do you think the symbols are? Use the comments section below to post your thoughts!