UPDATE: Milford School levy officially passes

UPDATE: Dec. 4

MILFORD, OH (FOX19)-- According the the Clermont County Board of Elections, the Milford school levy has officiallly passed by a small margin.

The results were that 11, 290 voted in favor for the levy and 11, 244 voted against the levy.

The district has been trying to get the levy passed since May of 2006.

During the November election the levy appeared to have failed but the results were not certified.

After the provisional and absentee ballots had all been counted, the levy passed by only 46 votes.


MILFORD, OH (FOX19) - Upon further review, the Milford school levy has passed.

Election day results showed the levy failed for the fifth time, but that was before provisional and absentee ballots were counted

Now elections officials say the levy passed by 46 votes.

Because the margin is so small, the Clermont County Board of Elections will do a recount Monday.