Push to get dogs licensed in Hamilton County

By Jill Eichorn - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There's a big push starting Dec. 1 to get more dog owners in Hamilton County to license their pets before the new year.

And the dog-tags will do more than make it easier to get them home when pups go missing. They could also help ease the county's budget crunch.

Most dogs in Hamilton County aren't registered.

"There's just not enough dogs licensed and this year we're making a push to license many more dogs in Hamilton County," said Harold Dates, president of the SPCA.

Each dog license costs $13.75. The money goes into the dog and kennel fund which supports dog control.

The SPCA hopes new registrations will bring an additional $250,000 to help offset expenses.

"If we can use less general fund money and sustain our organization it means our money can be used elsewhere - children's services, job and family services, all important to Hamilton County," said Dates.

"Only about 30 percent of Hamilton County dog owners actually get licenses for their dogs. But they could be penalized up to $100 if their dog is caught without one.

"If people know it's a necessity, if they know it's a state statute, they're more prone to go out and purchase a dog license," said Dates.

Dog owners can purchase dog licenses starting Monday at either SPCA location, at Hader Hardware stores or through the county auditor's office.

After Jan. 31, the price for dog licenses doubles.