Police investigating string of arsons in Hamilton

By Jacqueline Sprague - bio | email

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Fires are breaking out at multiple locations in the same neighborhood in the city of Hamilton.

Now, both the police and fire departments are hitting the streets looking for the arsonists.

Hamilton Police are still searching for suspects involved in setting over 12 house fires in the city's east side and they say they have no leads at this time.

"It's not like its one owner, its not like its one insurance company," said Tom Angst with the Hamilton Fire Department. "We've looked at a multitude of things to try to link these properties together and so far there hasn't been other than they're in the same area."

So officers and fire-fighters are taking the search door-to-door.

"We hope to reach the residents in the area, those that aren't able to or don't access the media," said Angst.

Resident Dawn Ayling says she didn't know about the fires, but now that she does, she's going to make sure her smoke detectors work.

"I think we'll definitely make sure we've got fire alarms, smoke detectors and we have dogs so we have that alert system as well," said Ayling.