Ohio man says wife was shot during sex

MECHANICSBURG, OH (FOX NEWS) - Shot during sex - that's the story an Ohio man and his estranged wife are telling.

While police try to sort this one out, the wife is recovering from a gunshot wound.

Carolyn Havens had a protection order against Timothy Havens at the time of the shooting, which means he shouldn't have even been in the house.

He also has a history of domestic abuse, and of violating the protection order.

Timothy Havens is being held at the Tri-County Regional Jail in Mechanicsburg. He was arrested Wednesday night, charged with violating a protection order. That's because Sunday morning he called 911 saying his wife had been shot when a gun went off while they were having sex.

The 911 call went like this:

Dispatcher: "What's the problem?"

Havens: "My wife was shot."

Dispatcher: "Your wife was shot?"

Havens: "Well not shot, come here. She got up, we got up outta bed and gun was layin' there by the bed and she got shot."

Dispatcher: "Where was the gun laying beside the bed at, Tim?"

Havens: It was layin' beside the bed, I picked it up and throwed it off to the side, we were having sex and it, it went off."

Timothy claims he and his wife were having sex when the gun fired, hitting Carolyn in the upper chest.

She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Carolyn is telling much the same story, but Champaign County detective Aaron Brown says something still doesn't add up.

"The differences in their version doesn't match up with the forensic evidence and the trajectory points that we had," said Brown.

Detective Brown says he won't rule out an accidental shooting, but is still trying to find answers.

"We could set a firearm here on the table for days and it would never go off. It requires a person for a shooting to happen," he said.

Timothy Havens is serving a 60 day suspended sentence from a previous protection order violation. The shooting remains under investigation.