Gyro's and Chicken Tenders


1.     Bake the Gyro Cone on the Gyro Machine.

2.     Brush the juices from the Gyro on both sides of a 6" pita.

3.     Place the pita bread on a flat grill until it is soft and golden brown on both sides.

4.     Fold the pita up making a pocket for the filling to fit into.

5.     Slice a 6 oz. portion of the Gyro meat and place into the the golden brown pita pocket.

6.     Top with 2 oz. of diced tomatoes and 2 oz. of onions and toss with parsley.

7.     Add a 2 oz. cup of tzatziki sauce on the side and accompany with a pepperoncini

pepper. Serve with warm Saratoga Chips or upgrade to our Garlic Sloppy Fries.

BWR Chicken Tenders

1.     Place the Chicken Tenders into a milk bath.

2.     Dip it into our signature spice blended flour.

3.     Cook for 6 minutes.

4.     Drain the chicken and place into a bowl.

5.     Coat with a flavor sauce such as garlic parmesan, teriyak, original buffalo.

6.     Stripe with the tempature you like, choose from mild to atomic.