Coroner: Harness not locked in fatal church fall

CINCINNATI (AP) - The Hamilton County coroner concluded a flying performer's safety harness wasn't completely fastened last week when she suffered a fatal fall during a Christmas pageant.

Hamilton County Coroner O'dell Owens told reporters Tuesday that a small piece of tape and part of Keri Shryock's costume got in the way and kept the clasp on the harness from locking.

Owens indicated that Shryock hooked herself in while the lights were down and apparently didn't realize there was a problem.

The coroner says the harness came undone last Wednesday night after the 23-year-old Xavier University graduate student was lifted into the air during the show at a Cincinnati mega-church.

Toledo area native Shyrock fell about 25 feet to a concrete floor and died at a hospital the next day.

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