UPDATE: Body found at Villa Hills marina identified

VILLA HILLS, KY (FOX19) -      

UPDATE Tuesday, Dec. 30:

Police have identifed a man who was found over the weekend at the Villa Hills marina.

An uncle and friends have identifed the victim as Rocael Isaias Aguilon Domingo, 18.

Investigators say Domingo was a Guatemalan immigrant and believe his death was accidental, although the investigation is ongoing.

Officers say the uncle and the friends contacted the Villa Hills Police Department after seeing and reading about the victim's tattoos in the media.

UPDATE Sunday, Dec. 28:

Police are still trying to identify the body that was found in the Ohio River Saturday morning. More details are being released on the description of the body.

Officials say it is a young, light complexion Hispanic male possible mixed race. He has short dark hair, stands at five feet two inches and has thin build.

He was wearing tan baggy jeans and white crew socks.

He has three tattoos on his body: the letters MARIA across the back fingers of his left hand, the letters ROCAEL on his right forearm abover the wrist and the letters GORCAEL on his upper left arm. The MARIA tattoo is clear and legible while the other two are possibly referred to as tagger script.

The male also has a mark on his forehead extending from side to side that may be a scar.

Anyone with information is asked to call Vila Hills Police at 859-341-3535.

Previous Story:

Police in Villa Hills, Kentucky are working to identify the body of a young man found floating Saturday at the Villa Hills Marina along River Road.

The marina owner, Steve Coleman, told FOX19 he found the body before noon while checking trash in the water near the shore.

Coleman says he at first thought the body was a mannequin tossed in the water.

The body has been taken to the Kenton County Coroner for an autopsy.