Family suing hospital after murder suspect was released early

By Steve Oldfield - bio | email

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - A Florence family devastated after a deadly attack is now suing the state mental hospital that released an ex-con who is now charged with murder.

Police in florence say it was a brutal, senseless crime, and the victim's family says it never should have been allowed to happen because the man charged had been ordered to a psychiatric hospital for a 60-day evaluation after allegedly trying to carry out another deadly attack.

But apparently the hospital let him go after just a few days.

Police say that's when he went on a rampage.

Police say Sean Noakes, just out from what was supposed to be a 60-day stay at the Eastern State Mental Hospital in Lexington, stabbed Sharon Gette to death last July and severely injured her mother, Barbara Rogers. He was released from the hospital after just a two week stay.

Attorney Patrick Monohan knew the victims. He's now representing their family in a case against Eastern State Hospital in Lexington. They'd been treating Noakes just before the attack and police say he'd been in trouble with the law for years.

The hospital did non comment on the lawsuit. As for Sean Noakes, he's been held without bond at the Boone County Jail since the attack. He was recently found competent to stand trial.