Evacuations canceled in Queensgate train derailment

UPDATE: Wednesday, Jan 7:

QUEENSGATE, OH (FOX19)-- Cincinnati fire crews have canceled all evacuations after train cars have been put back on the tracks.

Around 4:30pm, Cincinnati fire department deemed that the evacuation distance in the Queensgate area be discontinued. Two pressurized rail cars that contained flammable liquid have stabilized and put back on the tracks. Officials say there are no reports of any leakage.

traffic is back to normal and no one was injured in the incident.

CSX are still on the scene handling the rest of the rail cars that were overturned.

Previous Story:

QUEENSGATE, OH (FOX19) - Six train cars have derailed in the CSX rail yard in Queensgate.

Police responded to the rail yard just off of Gest St. around 9:30 a.m.

There is no report of a leak and no injuries have been reported. Three of the affected cars are boxcars and the other three are tanker cars. Four of the cars completely overturned, and two contained butane, which is flammable if released. The total amount of product is 262,000 pounds of product which is contained within the two pressurized vessels.

Evacuations have been ordered within a half mile radius. That includes 8th Street to the south, Gest Street to the north, Evans Street to the west and the railroad tressel to the east. Click here to see a map of the area.

Police are assisting with notifying those who are affected by the evacuations.

CSX is bringing in additional crews from out of town to assist in correcting the cars. They should be here by Wednesday afternoon.

Gest St. is shut down at Evans, and the Eight Street Viaduct is also closed. Police say those roads will probably be shut down into the early evening hours, so West Side commuters may have to find an alternative route home from downtown.

The estimated duration of this incident may go for several more hours. CSX estimates one hour per railcar.

The Cincinnati Fire Department is standing by to assist CSX with any auxiliary issues that may arise. After the two railcars containing the LPG are back on the track without any leaks, CSX will mitigate the remaining portion of this incident. The Cincinnati Police department is continuing to support the overall operation with traffic control, evacuation directive and perimeter control.