'Granny Robber' pleads guilty to more bank robberies

By Jackie Sprague - bio | email

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - You don't usually think of a woman in her 60's as being a serial bank robber, but a local 68-year old admitted to hitting at least three.

Even though she may or may not be an actual grandmother, she's become known as the Granny Bank Robber.

Barbara Joly stood stoically before a Warren County Judge on Monday.

"You are now charged with three counts of robbery, each felonies of the third degree," the judge told her.

Joly pleaded guilty to those charges, admitting to holding up three Warren County banks late last year. Her attorney says she did it for her son...

"She and her husband had given her son, I shouldn't even say loaned, $170,000 over the last few years," said Chris Atkins, Joly's attorney.

Last month, Joly pleaded guilty to similar charges in Butler County. Her sentence there will affect what she gets in Warren County.

"If you are sentenced to prison time in Butler County, I'm fairly confident you will be sentenced to prison here and the sentences will be consecutive," said Warren County judge James Flannery.

Warren County Prosecutor Rachel Hutzel says Joly is just like any other bank robber, and her age will not be a factor in sentencing.

"I take out the fact that she's 68," said Hutzel. "This was a four time occurrence, carefully planned out, carefully plotted using inside information as bank employee to scare the heck out of these employees."

[if jolly gets the maximum sentence, she'd be behind bars until she was 88.