Metro bus driver helps toddler wandering the streets

EVANSTON, OH (FOX19) - It's hard for anyone to be outside right now in the cold, but imagine being out there without a coat.

That's how police say a Metro bus driver found a toddler wandering the streets last night in Evanston.

The 2-year-old little girl was wandering down Montogomery Road about 7:45 p.m. Tuesday night.

Metro bus driver Anthony Johnson says she was alone walking down the sidewalk. He says she was wearing a shirt and pants and didn't have on a coat, shoes, hat or gloves.

He stopped the bus full of people to help the child. Johnson says he got out, picked her up and brought her onto the bus to warm her up.

"I asked them did anybody have anything to give to her so she could keep warm, so they started giving her articles that was on them, like scarves, put gloves on her feet, earmuffs, she left with that. That's what she left with," he said.

Cincinnnati Police say the child was at a babysitter's house when she wondered away. She will be all right, and there's no word on charges.