More lawsuits filed in Andy Kennedy case

Andy Kennedy (Courtesy Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Andy Kennedy (Courtesy Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A taxi driver and a valet involved in an incident with Ole Miss head basketball coach Andy Kennedy have filed a counter lawsuit against the former UC coach.

Local cab driver Mohommed Ould Jiddou sued Kennedy for at least $25,000 for assault, ethnic intimidation and filing a frivolous lawsuit.

Kennedy was arrested on assault charges last month for allegedly punching Jiddou and shouting racial slurs. Valet Micheal Strother allegedly witnessed the incident and validated Jiddou's claims.

Kennedy filed a defamation of character suit against Jiddou and Strother for $25,000 each soon after the incident. Kennedy and his wife, Kimber, have also filed a suit against Jiddou and Strother, saying this situation has caused a lack of consortium between the couple.

Strother's counter lawsuit claims Kennedy filed a frivolous lawsuit.

Kennedy has pled not guilty to the criminal case. A jury trial is expected to begin in April.