Local Groups Head to DC for Inauguration


by Roger Seay  email - bio

Members of the LIncoln Heights Missionary Baptist Church are on their way to Washington, DC right now.

More than 500 people filled seven busses headed for the nation's capital for the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Church members and event goers say it was incredibly important to witness history and the first African-American President to be sworn in.

The Reverend Alfonza Jones says "It's a great opportunity just to see people young and old.... it's an exciting time.

This is the biggest trip the church has ever coordinated.

Also, police officers from Cincinnati will join the millions of people expected for tomorrow's celebration.

D-C Metro Police requested 78 members of the Cincinnati Police Department to assist with the security along the parade route and at one of the 10 balls being held after the inauguration ceremony.

Law enforcement from 99 agencies across the U.S. will also be present in Washington for the historic event.