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Light snow, 22 degrees in Wilmington, 3 inches of snow at CVG - expect 3 - 6 inches of snow accumulation when you wake up this morning

Right now we are streaming live Doppler radar from the FOX19 StormTracker office.

As the morning progresses look for live coverage from Steve Horstmeyer and Frank Marzullo and the rest of the FOX19 News team streaming live to your desktop.

At 2:50 AM roads in the tri-state are snow covered and what little traffic that is on them is moving slow.  We expect a whole slew of school closing and you can keep track of them by clicking here.

Steve Horstmeyer is camped out in the weather office.  You can see him through the night on FOX19 or catch up with the latest weather news here.

Once you look out your window - take a picture and send them to us and we will share with the FOX19 viewers.  You can send them to