Update from Cincinnati Road Crews

Here is an update from Cincinnati road crews on the clearing the snow and ice:


  • Crews were out Thursday night on residential streets applying a layer of salt and calcium chloride.
  • With the help of the sun slightly warmer temperature, crews are able to resume using plows in their efforts to improve road conditions on these streets.
  • As temperatures drop this evening, crews anticipate the plows once again becoming ineffective for the heavy ice pack on the streets. Salt, calcium chloride and beet juice will likely be the tools for the overnight hours again Friday.
  • Crews are continuing to use bobcats in the Central Business District to cut paths in crosswalks and the corner handicap ramps. Daytime efforts in the CBD include clearing these paths for pedestrian traffic and pushing the snow to the side in piles.
  • Yard waste debris which has been set to the curb, in many instances has frozen to the ground. Please be patient, removal of the debris may not be possible until the surrounding ice starts to thaw.
  • As a reminder, garbage is being collected and is running on a one day delay. Neighborhoods with a regular Friday pickup will be seeing our crews on Saturday.
  • Citizens are being asked to report hazardous or blocked crosswalks by calling 591-6000 to speed up this process. Citizens and business owners are also being asked to park as close to the curb or off the street if possible to speed up the snow removal process as possible throughout the day and this evening as well.


  • Please continue to be patient as crews approach day 5 working 12 hour shifts. Crews have been working to clear roadways 24 hour per day since the beginning of the snow.
  • Citizens and business owners are also being asked to park as close to the curb or off the street if possible.
  • Plowing leaves windrows along roads and can block driveways. Citizens clearing their driveways should move the snow out to the right of their driveway to reduce the amount of snow that will be pushed back into their driveway by the plows.
  • Call 591-6000 to report trees and branches which have fallen into the roadway.
  • Citizens should find alternative parking to get as many cars off the roads as possible, this will assist with plowing streets and providing time efficient services.
  • Citizens should be reminded to watch for refreezing on roadways, especially on bridges or any elevated roadway.
  • Citizens should be careful to look up for ice-heavy limbs and power lines that could fall.