Neighbors helping neighbors during storm

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Everyone's sick of the white stuff, the ice and the pain in the neck that comes with it.

But that's brought out a good side of many people in the Tri-State.

"I've seen some people stuck in places, and complete strangers get out of their car and help them push," said Ron Garbutt. "That's a good thing to see. It puts not only your faith in humanity, but my trust in God."

"I had two people offer to help me out of my car," said Ruth Parshall. "One of them walked me into the store. When I came out, two people offered to take me to my car, and one of them, my groceries in the car for me.

"It was very nice. I appreciated it," she added.

"I helped a friend push his car out of the snow," said Dan Hornback. "In weather like this you've got to help out. I mean, you never know when you're the want that's going to need the help. I want it to be summer though. I'm tired of the cold and snow."

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My name is Charlene Anderson of Burlington, Kentucky.  I would like to share my story with you.

My husband, Tony, is disabled from a massive stroke he suffered in July 08 and suffers from COPD.  There are times when he becomes very ill and needs to go to the hospital and he has a lot of drs. appts.  I had been very worried that if he became ill how would I be able to get him the medical attention he needs because we were socked in by the storm.

On Thursday, my sister and brother-in-law, Marlene and Rod Price called to tell me not to worry that they were on their way to our house to dig us out.  They had went and purchased a snow blower to help clear our sidewalk and driveway.  Also, my parents, Jerry and Mary Jackson also were here to help out as well.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate what they did for us.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you.

Charlene Anderson

I commend all the people who have lent helping hands to those in need over the last few days.  It shows true community still exists in a world of trying times.  I have watched my husband, Kevin,  Get up and dig not only us out but several of our neighbors, shovel driveways and sidewalks for elderly, dig out multiple cars on the side of the streets for complete strangers and at homes of friends, but the icing on the cake was today, when I watched him stop and help  dig out an Life Care Ambulance with his hands and a ice scraper. For this, I think my husband is a HERO HELPER and deserves recognition above what I could ever give him.  Could you please help me out with this.

Truly yours,

Christylee Feaver

Saw your piece on Fox last night about friendly neighbors.

I have a neighbor who is a Hamilton County Sheriff. He came home after working in Cincinnati, driving home in all this snow and still found time to shovel, not only my driveway and walk way, but 4 other neighbors.

(We live in a condo. In Mason Ohio) I guess Simon Leis Jr. has great bunch of people, but this one has to be on the top of the list. His name is Don Maher.

Ray Farris

My name is Amy Newton I am from Mt Washington.  Let me start by saying we live at the bottom of a very large dead end hill.  Wednesday during the lvl 3 snow emergency my family and most of my closest neighbors bundled up and started digging our cars out.  Everyone pitched in and helped the other neighbors.  We shoveled and salted and pushed until we could get our cars to the top of the hill for Thursday mornings commute.  I felt very blessed to have the support of my neighbors.

However Thursday morning after bundling up the kids and putting them on the sled to pull them up the hill to where my car was parked we realized that the car was stuck in fresh FROZEN snow.  I accidentally left my shovel at the house because I had to pull the kids up the hill.  As I was trying to think what to do next. (It was cold and the LLOONGG walk up the hill pulling 80lbs of kids)  I accidentally locked my keys in the car while it was running.  As I stood there with my children, I was crying and cussing a little LOL  a very nice lady I believe her name was Marie stopped and let me use her cell phone then gave me a ride to drop my kids off at my moms so I could go back and dig my car out.  I was so grateful for her kindness.  I finally made it to work after 2 hours.

We have lived in our home just over a year now and I could have never asked for  better people than my new neighbors.  We help each other out in the summer whether it be cutting grass for each other or during the windstorm power outages we had for almost 6 days.  We would come home from work and they would have the grill going and enough food for me  and my family.  They helped out with childcare.  It seems like bad weather brings out the best in people.  I guess that is because it is the one thing that affects us all at the same time.