Another winter punch

The Tri-State got another winter punch from Mother Nature.

Several inches of snow fell across the Tri-State on Tuesday afternoon and evening, meaning several commuters were stuck on the roads for hours on their way home.

"The snow is getting covered over the top of ice that really hasn't been picked up from earlier this week, kind of a pain...but we'll keep going through with it," said motorist Sil Johnson.

Even thought road crews had pretreated roads, no one was expecting such a large amount of snow from the Alberta Clipper that hit the Tri-State.

FOX19 Chief meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer says there are three reasons why more snow fell than the 1 to 3 inches that was originally forecast: 1) the clipper came in later; 2) was much heavier than forecast; and 3) drier than forecast.

"The storm developed explosively this afternoon, while clipper type lows are usually well behaved, some - like this one - have a mind of their own," Horstmeyer told viewers in a blog on "The models did not handle it well."

Motorists should be especially cautious on side roads and bridges, as many are still snow-covered. The interstates are moving better.

Several schools are closed today. Click here for a list.