Emergency Planning for Middletown, Ohio Residents



High winds are expected in the next day or two. This extreme weather event coupled with recent heavy snow and expected heavy rain could mean another round of downed trees and power outages.

The City of Middletown urges residents to check their emergency supplies before they might be needed and be reminded of support services available during emergency situations.

The City contact number will be 513-425-7766, a number that will be answered even during emergencies.  Use 911 and other police and fire emergency numbers for true life-threatening situations only.

If communications systems fail, those with housing or medical emergencies are directed to go to the nearest fire house or the police station where a staff member will be able to direct citizens to shelter and other emergency care.

Following is a reprint from the October 2008 City of Middletown Waterbill Newsletter which offers advice on Emergency Preparedness

Following are recommendations compiled from several emergency responders.

1. Have a family meeting place and a designated family member for everyone to contact (with an alternate).

2. Sign up at www.CityOfMiddletown.org (lower right corner of front page) to add your cell or home phone number to the Code Red alert system. In case of a community emergency, the City's    system will call you with important information.

3. Sign up at www.CityOfMiddletown.org for email alerts from the City's website.

4. Obtain and replace batteries regularly in a     portable radio and a flashlight.

5. Gather 3 days of food, water and supplies, including medication and first-aid items in an easy-to-carry kit. Check the kit every six months and replace expired or outdated items.

6. Learn how to turn off all utilities-water, electric, natural gas.

7. Gather copies of important family documents sealed in a plastic bag. (Insurance numbers, important contact numbers, lists of prescriptions,  list of bank accounts, credit card numbers, extra house key, insurance cards, etc.)

8. Check on the neighbors.

Things to include in Emergency Kit

  • One gallon water per person x 3 in sealed containers or purchase bottled water
  • Ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, vegetables and soups in easy-open containers
  • Protein or fruit bars
  • Dry cereal or granola
  • Peanut butter or nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Crackers
  • Canned juices
  • Canned or jarred baby food and formula
  • Prescriptions and medical supplies
  • Soap and hand sanitizer
  • Tissues, toilet paper, wipes, disposable diapers
  • Fever medicine (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.)
  • Fluids with electrolytes-sports drinks
  • First -aid kit
  • Extra batteries for radio and flashlight
  • Manual can opener
  • Garbage bags
  • Camp stove/fuel
  • Rock salt to melt ice/Sand to improve tire traction
  • Snow shovel
  • Wood to burn for heat
  • Alternative heating unit/extra fuel
  • Extra change of warm clothing
  • Warm blankets
  • Ice chest
  • Food and water for pets or service animals

The City WILL Help

  All City of Middletown staff members are on duty during emergencies and work diligently to make all citizens safe.  The first priority in most emergencies is to restore critical services such as hospital, fire, police and EMS. Depending on the nature of the emergency, it may take a day or more to restore normal services and street access.