Hopefuls shine in 'Idol' solos

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Adam Lambert was among several "American Idol" hopefuls who gave the judges something to believe in during the final round of Hollywood Week.

Lambert, the theater actor who wowed the judges with a stripped down version of Cher's "Believe," was one of the contestants put through to the next stage of competition on the Fox singing contest.

During Tuesday's episode, 72 hopefuls performed with a band, backup singers and - if they chose - instruments.

A few of the contestants, including Joanna Pacitti and Casey Carlson, flubbed the lyrics. Stephen Fowler also forgot the words - twice. That didn't seem to matter though because they made it, along with such hopefuls as oil rig worker Michael Sarver, mother-of-three Lil Rounds, over-the-top comedian Nick Mitchell and blind pianist Scott MacIntyre.

The oh-so-emotional Tatiana Del Toro received the most screen time during Tuesday's episode. At one point, the cryin' crooner was shuffled from one room of anxious hopefuls to another. She thought that meant she was out of the competition. Surprise!

Del Toro and the others will perform at the "judges' mansion" during Wednesday's episode, in which the 36 semifinalists will be revealed.

Among those who didn't make the cut: rapping college student India Morrison, Cincinnati native Leneshe Young and Michael Castro, the little brother of last season's fourth-place finisher, Jason Castro.

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