'Granny Robber' sentenced to six more years

Barbara Joly
Barbara Joly

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LEBANON, OH (FOX19) -  Barbara Joly, known as the "Granny Robber" will serve more time in Warren County.

68-year-old Barbara Joly was sentenced to six years in prison by Warren County Common Pleas Court Judge James Flannery on Wednesday.

She is serving two years for each of the three banks she robbed in the Warren County area. Her sentence will run consecutively to the three years she received from Butler County.

"We believe that the sentence is just," says Warren County Prosecutor Rachel Hutzel. "This woman used threats and fear to steal thousands of dollars, the sentence fits the crime."

In court on Wednesday, Joly apologized for her crimes.

"I would like to tell you all how very very sorry I am for what I've done," she said.

Joly's attorney said there's no plan to appeal.

"I think he gave a very fair sentence," said Chris Atkins. "There is no plan to appeal it, it would be foolish to even consider or try."

In total, Joly robbed four banks across southwest Ohio.

Joly's lawyer has said the robberies were an attempt to support a grown son who had fallen on hard times.

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HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - The woman known as the "Granny Robber" will spend at least three years in prison after pleading guilty to robbing a Middletown bank last March.

Barbara Joly, 68 was accompanied in court by her husband, other family members and friends who pleaded to the judge not to send her in jail.

"I can't think of a lot of other places I'd rather be than sitting in my chair right now," said Judge Michael Sage.

Joly did apologize for her actions, actions that translated to four bank robberies, where she apparently stole money for her son.  Her son was in court today to stand by his mother. Of the six people who made comments before sentencing, only one person spoke against Joly.

Gloria Williams of Community National Bank, one of the banks that Joly robbed, believed that the threat of Joly's note to the teller was real. "I have no compassion for this woman whatsoever," Williams said.

Joly's lawyer said she was pretending to be armed with a note to the bank teller, but no gun was shown in the robbery. This sentence is just the first for Joly.

She has already pleaded guilty to three counts of bank robbery in Warren County.  Joly will be sentenced next week for those crimes and could face up to 15 years in prison.

Warren County Judge James Flannery has said that if Joly was sentenced to prison time in Butler County, she will face prison time in Warren County, and serve the sentence consecutively.