Windstorm update from City of Cincinnati


OPERATIONS UPDATE: Cincinnati Crews are out at this time responding to calls for blocked right

of ways.

  • Crews are barricading unsafe or obstructed right of ways. Clearing of these blockages will

begin at dawn when daylight will create safer working conditions for crews working around

downed power lines.

  • Some power outages have caused traffic signals to loose power. These intersections should

be treated as 4-way stops. This is the safest way to navigate dark intersections until power

can be restored.

  • The City will continue to monitor conditions and respond to right of way blockages as they

are identified.

  • Citizens need to anticipate the potential for road closures, bridge closures, power outages,

and downed trees.

  • Wind damage is resulting in some downed trees and power lines in areas. Citizens need to

anticipate and avoid these obstacles when driving and report them to 591-6000 so that the

area can be made safe.

Please call 591-6000 or visit our website at, for more information.