Potholes a problem on local streets

By Corey McConnell - bio | email

Our annual bout with winter weather is always followed by fixing battered roads.

Potholes are nearly impossible to miss this time of year, especially by commuters on Interstate 75 approaching downtown.

Patching up those potholes began Tuesday night in Kentucky, and in Ohio, it's easy to find crews filling them faster than they appear.

Cincinnati road crews know the ins and outs of potholes.

"It becomes a small hole then a scab then pothole then hazardous," said Willie Halsell with the City of Cincinnati Public Works.

And they're working fast to get the hazardous ones filled before they do serious damage.

"Flatten tires knock the car out of alignment create all kinds of problems," said Larry Ford at Bob Summerall Tires.

Bob Summerall's downtown location sees the results of hitting a pothole all the time.

Drivers say it's the few seconds after you hit a really big one that are the scariest, wondering what the damage is.

And with the chance for winter weather still out there, there's no rest for the weary.

"We do it year round," said Halsell. "We do potholes year round."