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Jean Robert's Orange Phyllo-Mille Feuille with Grand Marnier

Orange Phyllo-Mille Feuille with Grand Marnier

2 Cups           Milk

6                      Egg Yolks

3 1/2oz's        Sugar                        

1                      Vanilla Bean

1 3/4 Cup       Flour

1 Cup             Heavy Cream

2 Shots          Grand Marnier

3 tbs                Honey

2 Cups           Orange Juice

8                      Sheets of Phyllo

8                      Oranges

                        Clarified Butter                    

.                       Sugar

                        Mint Leaf for Decor

               TO MAKE THE PASTRY CREAM:

  • A) In a bowl mix egg yolk with sugar until pale yellow. Add the flour and boiling milk with vanilla bean.

      Cook on the stove until thickened.  Add some grand mariner. Let cool down.


B) Peel the orange and julienne the skin.  Blanch 3 times.  Cook the sugar, water and a drop of grand mariner until candied.  Segment the orange, keep in a bowl.  Cut 12 4" rings of Phyllo-dough, brush with clarified butter.  Cook in oven until brown. Keep aside.

               TO MAKE SAUCE:

               C) In a pan caramelize the honey.  Add a drop of grand mariner.  Add the orange                       juice.  Reduce until syrup.  Let cool down.        



              D)  Whip the heavy cream.  Add to cold pastry cream.

             READY TO EAT:

             E)  In center of the plate layer the phyllo with grand mariner cream and segments

                  Of orange. Repeat twice. Finish with phyllo. Top with powder sugar and                                candied orange peel.  Garnish with mint.  Place sauce around.  Serve chilled.

Bon Appétit

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