Oscar Predictions

Ron Millennor, Executive Sports Producer

I will admit up front that I haven't seen every movie or actor nominated, (I don't get in for free, this is just a hobby) but I've seen enough of the films and actors to give an informed opinion. So here's my take on this year's Oscars:

Best Picture:

Should win- Frost/Nixon

Will win- Slumdog Millionaire

Snubbed- The Wrestler. I thought the Wrestler was the best film of the year. I don't think the Reader belongs in this category. I also think that Man On Wire should have been nominated in this category instead of Best Documentary.

Best Actor:

Should win- Sean Penn (Milk)

Will win- Sean Penn

This is a very good year for actors and in almost any other year Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler) or Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon) would have brought home the gold.

Best Actress:

Should win- Kate Winslet (The Reader)

Will win- Kate Winslet

I didn't really like The Reader but Winslet's performance was amazing. I also think in almost any other year Anne Hathaway (Rachel Getting Married) could have brought home the statue. She turned in a wonderful performance.

Best Supporting Actor:

Should win- Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

Will win- Heath Ledger

This category won't even be close. In fact, Ledger is such a huge favorite that in Las Vegas you have to bet $20 to win $1.

Best Supporting Actress:

Should win- Marissa Tomei (The Wrestler)

Will Win- Marissa Tomei

The Academy likes former winners and it's been 16 years since she won in this same category for My Cousin Vinny


Best Director:

Should win- Gus Van Sant (Milk)

Will Win- Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire)

Snubbed- Darren Arronofsky (The Wrestler)

I'll give one final snub to the academy for not nominating Bruce Springsteen's The Wrestler for best song. For some reason only three songs were nominated, there are usually five. Two of the three nominated songs come from Slumdog Millionaire. I've heard the three songs nominated, The Wrestler is better than any of the nominees. I'm not alone, The Golden Globe voters agreed with me when they voted it best song.