Pennies for Patients

As schools across the country will soon prove, spare change can add up to a wealth of difference.

The annual Pennies for Patients campaign challenges students to donate extra coins for the research and treatment of blood-related cancers.

During the 2003-2004 school year, students from more than 160 schools in the Tri-State raised over $310,000. Most notable is Princeton High School who came in second place raising over $42,000.

Princeton has come in second place in the nation for the past 3 years in Pennies fundraising efforts. The number one school in the nation is in the O.C. (Orange County, California).

Throughout the country schools raised $13 million for Pennies for Patients .

So far this year over 220  tri-state schools have signed up. Click here to see if your school has signed up yet!  This years prize is the top donating class in each school will receive a pasta party.

Pennies for Patients runs from Feb. 7-28, 2005, but involvement starts right now. Click here to find out more information or you can call the society's local chapter at 513-361-2100.