No more broadcasting for HS basketball in NKY

By Joe Danneman - bio | email

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY (FOX19) - If you're a fan of Northern Kentucky high school basketball, you better get ready to buy a ticket.

The region tournaments won't be on the radio or Internet for most of our area.

The beautiful new Bank of Kentucky Center on NKU's campus will host the 9th and 10th region tournaments the first week of March.

Those regions include every school in Northern Kentucky, but the arena sent out a press release saying to maximize profit, local schools will not be heard on the airwaves.

The radio tag team of Kevin Rengering and Randy Wilson of KR Sports Radio have nearly 25 years of experience of broadcasting high school sports in Northern Kentucky.

"We enjoy the basketball games, we enjoy the crowd, the atmospheres," said Rengering.

But, the duo will not call this year's region tournaments because the arena is afraid that games on the radio and Internet means fewer fans in the stands.

"It's a good opportunity for the Bank of Kentucky Center to show off what they have over there and I think they're blowing it by not letting the media in on that," said Wilson.

"Very disappointed, yeah. Not only for our web site, but for the fans," said Ben Bleser, the creator of

The broadcasters say a good chunk of their listeners are grandparents, family and out of town alumni who can't get to the games.

"People in the military, alumni in Hong Kong, California, New Jersey. I mean, there's people all over the world that listen to these games," said Bleser.

The general manager of the Bank of Kentucky Center did not return phone calls from FOX19, but the release does say the few schools in Region 10 who are 30 miles or more from the arena can broadcast their respective games because it's a long drive for fans. But everyone else must buy a ticket.