Businesses relying on marketing for jobs

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

Some people who used to rely on word of mouth for business are taking other steps to get jobs.

It's a tough job market out there, and many job seeks are finding ways to market themselves any way possible, like placing an ad about their work in the newspaper, or using the Internet to get the word out.

Dave Perry's paint crew is working on their latest job in Sharonville. While his guys paint, Dave runs the business. He says that's part of why he recently took out an ad in the newspaper classifieds, trying to entice work.

"The advertising has helped, we've gotten some results from it, it was a risk worth trying I feel," said Dave.

Dave says just a few years ago, he wouldn't have considered an ad.

"My phone was ringing from people who were wanting to spend money and the work was coming in without having to advertise," he said.

Dave's not the only person who started advertising during this downturn.

"That's what you have to do, I mean, the job section of the paper is almost gone. I mean, if you've looked at it lately, there is not hardly a jobs section," said Chris Dismuke, who runs a contracting business.

Chris  started advertising his contract work about a year ago.

"You used to just be able to make a phone call, or look in the paper and find all kinds of work, and it's just not out there anymore, so you have to put yourself out there and hope people contact you," he said.

"My point of view is, it's nobody's fault but me," said Dave. "I fail, then I didn't try hard enough or I didn't work hard enough, or I didn't try different avenues, so, there's a little bit of comfort in that to say, it's up to me."