Mallory meeting with Obama

Mayor Mark Mallory
Mayor Mark Mallory

Posted by Trina Kinstler - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's a big day for Cincinnati and Mayor Mark Mallory.

Mallory and a group of mayors are meeting with President Barack Obama and key cabinet members to try and secure stimulus money for their cities.

Mayor Mallory says he is trying to ensure Cincinnati gets as much of the money as possible.

He wants funding for projects related to getting around and developing the city, as well as keeping residents safe.

But the big push is trying to create jobs.

"There's money in the stimulus package for all kinds of things, obviously a lot of public works projects that are going to put people to work," said Mallory. "There's money for community development block branch. Their's money to hire new police officers. Their's money for new fire stations. So the list goes on and on, and what we've got to figure out is exactly how we're going to be able to access that money."

The mayor says the president understands the value of strong cities and his plan is all about strengthening cities across the country.

The meeting is organized by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.