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McCafferty Day 1 Wrap

Cheryl McCafferty entering the courtroom Cheryl McCafferty entering the courtroom
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     Cheryl McCafferty's murder trial got underway in Newport around 10 A-M this morning.  Prosecutors started by saying evidence they'll present in this case is on their side.  They gave the jury a brief overview of a case they believe will show Cheryl had personal and financial reasons to shoot Bob McCafferty that morning.

    Among the new things mentioned were what prosecutors call an obsession by Cheryl of her daughter's modeling career and severe financial problems such as 80 thousand dollars in credit card debt.  Both of which they say caused marital problems.

    Defense attorney Deanna Denison presented her opening statement by first telling the jury Cheryl will testify in her own defense.  Denison also chronicled the alleged abuse in the marriage and dramatically told the court of the hours leading up to Bob McCafferty's death.

     Cheryl McCafferty and many in the courtroom cried during those statements.

    This afternoon prosecutors called a number of Fort Thomas police officers to court.  While they testified, defense attorneys tried to show police work at the crime scene was faulty.

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