Police concerned about increased gang activity in North College Hill

By Brad Underwood - bio | email

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, OH (FOX19) - There's been a rise in gang activity in North College Hill.

Police in that close-knit neighborhood say they've singled out a group that claims to be affiliated with The Bloods, a Los Angeles street gang founded in the early 1970's.

North College Hill Police say they first saw the rise in numbers two years ago. Now, they're called out more often, and they're seeing more graffiti, all courtesy of the Insane Blood Piru gang.

Five pointed stars, the initials IBP, and the number five are all symbols indicating the Insane Blood Piru's have set up shop in North College Hill.

"They target small towns, they recruit in small towns," said Officer Michael Henn with North College Hill Police.

Police believe this local gang is an off-shoot from one in Cleveland or Chicago.

"It's like a corporation, you know, its like a business. They want to franchise," said Henn.

You'll find gang tags in North College Hill, and even surrounding townships. Police have painted over some of the graffiti on a basketball court at Crutchfield Park.

"The ones that we've gotten identified as being possible members of the group are anywhere from middle school to high school," said Henn.

And those kids aren't afraid to represent their colors.

"The gangs will go for the younger kids because they know that the juvenile correction system, a younger person will get a less severe sentence," said Henn.

Last week, police say members of the gang attacked a woman and son. Officer Henn believes that crime is just the beginning.

"I'm just afraid that is going to start escalating and people are going to get seriously hurt," he said.

The superintendent of  North College Hill Schools says when school administrators identify a student that may be involved with the gang, they meet with the child's parents to come up with a plan to stop the gang involvement in it's tracks.

And hopefully cut down on how much control the Insane Blood Piru gang holds on the area.