Local woman finds dog 4 months after he disappeared

Posted by Trina Kinstler - email

HYDE PARK, OH (FOX19) - After four long months, a local woman has finally found her missing dog.

You may have seen the posters - 2,000 of them - displayed across Oakley, Hyde Park and Norwood, all asking for help is finding Newey.

Newey's owner, Brandy Vellion, called in dog detectives, along with the SPCA, friends and family and volunteers to help find her dog. She even lit a candle outside of her front door each night, waiting for Newey to come back.

And then, the call came that a family on the other side of town had found him.

"I'm so excited, at a loss for words," said Vellion. "Thank you to all the people who called me wishing me good luck, people emailed me saying, 'It's OK, we know you're going to find him,' and I did."

The reunion is extra special for Brandy. On Friday, she lost her job. She says Newey coming home is just the thing to pick up her spirits.

In the short time he's been back, Brandy took him to be microchipped to make sure this never happens again.