Day 2 of McCafferty trial

Reported By Sara Gouedy - bio | email
Posted by Trina Kinstler - email

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - The trial of a Fort Thomas woman accused of murdering her husband entered Day 2 on Wednesday.

Cheryl McCafferty faces life in prison for allegedly shooting her husband, Bob, in the head.

Testimony started Wednesday morning by finger printing expert Fred Crane of the Kentucky State Police. Crane was questioned by prosecutors and said he found a latent fingerprint from  Cheryl McCafferty's index finger on a bloody knife in the McCafferty home. However, when cross-examined by defense attorney Frank Mungo, Crane admitted that the print could have been there for a long time.

Crane also said he found now fingerprints from Cheryl McCafferty on other items in the home, such as a baseball bat and hammer.

Also during cross examination, Crane talked about the importance of taking photos and measurements at the crime scene. According to the evidence, only six photos were taken at the scene, and Bob McCafferty's body was moved before measurements were made. An ingress/egress log of who came in and out of the murder scene was lost. Crane never said the Fort Thomas Police Department did a bad job, but he did question the way they handled the case.

Det. Ray Metz with the Fort Thomas Police Department then took the stand to be cross examined by the defense. He was questioned Tuesday by the prosecutors.

Metz said that the Fort Thomas Fire Department was called to the murder scene to provide emergency care, as is standard in shooting cases, but even though officers were certain Bob McCafferty was dead when they arrived, there were still five firefighters who entered the home, and two who touched the body.

Metz also admitted that he never saw a murder/suicide checklist, which is a standard police department checklist for all murder or suicide cases.

Paramedic Chris Amon testified that before his crew entered the McCafferty home, they were told by police that Bob McCafferty was dead.  Amon said before they went into the couple's bedroom, he asked Det. Metz if any pictures of the crime scene were taken, and that's when Metz took the six photos admitted into evidence.

Evidence technician and Fort Thomas Police Lt. Jamie Gonzola testified he found a bullet in Cheryl McCafferty's closet, and a serrated kitchen knife hidden inside a bin of clothes.

Also on Wednesday, several local and national media outlets, including FOX19, awaited word from the Kentucky Court of Appeals on whether or not that would hear an appeal on the use of cameras in the courtroom. Dateline NBC joined the suit on Tuesday.

The trial was delayed Monday because of a dispute between Judge Julie Reinhardt Ward and the media over what kind of media would be allowed in the courtroom.

Judge Ward originally said there would be no live "blogging" in the courtroom, but when the media appealed that decision, Judge Ward ordered all cameras out of the courtroom.