Testimony continues in McCafferty trial

Reported By Sara Gouedy - bio | email
Posted by Trina Kinstler - email

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - Testimony continued Thursday in the case of Cheryl McCafferty, the Fort Thomas woman accused of murdering her husband.

Officer William Hunt from the Fort Thomas Police Department was on the stand Thursday. He is a field training officer and part of the crime scene team who gathered evidence at the scene of the murder.

Hunt began his testimony by showing video that was taken inside the home the day of the murder. He narrated the video for the jury, and the jury watched with interest as the video made it's way to the crime scene.

Officer Hunt was also the person who helped retrieve items from the McCafferty closet, such as the serrated knife, a bullet and some clothing. He looked for a baseball bat that Cheryl McCafferty said was in the closet, but he never found it.

The comforter, blanket and blue fleece jacket that was used to cover the gun was also recovered, as was a bullet piece from the ceiling.

Officer Hunt also said he performed a gun shot residue test on Bob McCafferty's left hand at the scene, but couldn't perform one on his right hand because it was covered in blood and he needed it to dry. He did not reveal the results of the test in court.

The day after the murder, Officer Hunt also removed the mattress pad, sheets and pillows because they had to dry from being soaked in blood.

Officer Hunt had all of this evidence in court and was showing it to the jury piece by piece.

Lt. Casey Kilgore also took the stand, and during his testimony, the defense and prosecution got into a spirited exchange about evidence contamination. FOX19 legal expert Mike Allen, who was in the courtroom at the time, said the defense built a good case about evidence being contaminated.

Cheryl McCafferty remained calm during this testimony.