92-year-old man finds new place to live after shooting incident

By Dan Wells - bio | email

AVONDALE, OH (FOX19) - The 92-year-old Avondale man who shot at Cincinnati Police earlier this year has a new home.

He's leaving his current apartment because of that unfortunate incident.

In late January, Cincinnati Police came to an apartment building in the 3700 block of Reading Road when Sidney Lisembee called saying someone was trespassing and being disorderly outside his apartment.

When police knocked on the door, Lisembee refused to let them in and fired a single shot at them through the door. No charges were filed, but in recent weeks, questions about Lisembee being evicted from public housing came to light.

When it happened, it seemed Lisembee was protecting himself and his home, and in the end, that may be what cost him his apartment. But his church is coming to his rescue.

"From the inception of the incident, we went and found him and took him home after the police arrested him and we have supported him ever since," said Rev. Damon Lynch with New Prospect Baptist Church. "He is one of our oldest members...still singing in the choir every Sunday, he is an active deacon of our church and we can't afford to turn our backs on him."

Rev. Lynch says the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority, which runs the apartment complex where Lisembee fired that gun, over-reacted to the incident where no charges were filed.

"It was a regrettable situation. We all understand that," said Rev. Lynch. "The man feared for his life. He turned over his weapons and he did no harm to anybody. He is actually the one being harmed. For them to evict him we think is punitive. We had lawyers lined up to deal with the case, but he is happy now and content."

In recent weeks, Rev. Lynch asked members of his congregation to open their homes and resources to the 92-year old, which members did without question.

"I think that it was a little traumatic for him when he was asked to leave where he had lived for so long, and where he had been one of the caretakers of the building for so long," said Rev. Lynch. "But the community and his family rallied around him and he is now in a much safer and secure place."

The Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority did issue a statement saying, "Mr. Lisembee has not been evicted and the CMHA management staff and social workers have been working with Mr. Lisembee and his family since the initial incident. Using a gun on CMHA property is a violation of CMHA's lease agreement."