Appeals court denies case of TV cameras in McCafferty trial

Posted by Trina Kinstler - email

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - No one will be able to see or hear the trial of Cheryl McCafferty, unless they go to the courthouse in person.

McCafferty is the Fort Thomas woman accused of murdering her husband, Bob. She's claiming self defense.

On Thursday, Kentucky Court of Appeals judge Michelle Keller denied a request for an emergency ruling from FOX19 and other local and national media outlets to allow cameras and other electronic devices back in the court room.

The Court stated that whether or not to allow media is up to the judge, and whether the decision is good or bad, the decision is to be made at the judge's discretion. Read the entire order here.

The issue came to light earlier this week, when Judge Julie Reinhardt Ward denied a motion made on behalf of several media outlets asking that reporters be allowed to file electronic updates from inside the courthouse. When the media outlets said they intended to appeal that ruling, Judge Ward threatened to ban all video and audio coverage if they did not drop the appeal. When the appeal was no dropped, Judge Ward followed through on her threat and banned all cameras, computers, etc. from the courtroom.

A three judge panel of the court could still consider the request, but it's not clear when they might hear the case.

Right now, it appears the trial will continue to be reported the old fashioned way - with a pen and paper.

FOX19 Reporter Sara Gouedy is covering the trial. Check out her Twitter page.

Also on Thursday, the McCafferty children testified for the prosecution. They will likely be called to the stand again later in the trial to testify for the defense. Friday's testimony will likely focus on family relationships.