Friday testimony focuses on McCafferty finances

Cheryl McCafferty enters the courtroom on Friday
Cheryl McCafferty enters the courtroom on Friday

Reported By Sara Gouedy - bio | email
Posted by Trina Kinstler - email

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - Friday morning testimony in the trial of Cheryl McCafferty, the Fort Thomas woman accused of murdering her husband, focused on the finances of the McCafferty family.

Cheryl McCafferty is on trial for the murder of her husband, Bob, in June of 2007. She's claiming self defense.

Friday morning, Det. Brad Adams with the Fort Thomas Police Department took the stand for the prosecution to talk about financial evidence he collected at the McCafferty home.

Income tax records from 2006 indicate that Bob McCafferty made roughly $242,000 and Cheryl McCafferty brought in just over $86,000. They also had an insurance policy for $300,000.

The prosecution showed several checks from Bob McCafferty's check book that did not match. For example, Bob's detailed checkbook registry showed several check numbers made out to various places, like Commonwealth Orthopedic and Northern Kentucky Junior Golf. However, canceled checks from the bank actually showed the checks were made out to Cheryl McCafferty in amounts of $1,000 or $2,000. Some of these checks were written in early 2007, but not placed in the registry until May of that year.

Cheryl McCafferty's check book registry was also taken in as evidence, but her book was vague and not as detailed or updated as Bob's.

The jurors were also shown statements from Cheryl McCafferty's five credit cards. According to the statements, many of the credit cards were paid off in November of 2006, which is about the same time that the McCaffertys contacted Edward Jones for financial help. However, the statements show that not long after the McCaffertys worked to pay off the debt, several thousand dollars was placed back on the credit cards, and at least two of them were maxed out. Cheryl McCafferty also had one credit card statement sent to her parents' home in Erlanger. At the time of Bob's death, it is estimated that Cheryl McCafferty had about $30,000 in credit card debt.

Prosecutors also presented a letter that Cheryl had written to Bob admitting that she had a spending problem and need to go to debtor's anonymous. In the letter, Cheryl also wrote that she hated herself, she never meant to hurt Bob, and that she loved him and their family. That letter was not dated.

A 12-step program that Cheryl created for herself to get out of debt was also presented. Some of the steps included getting professional help, letting Bob handle her checkbook, paying her current bills, and volunteering for City Gospel Mission so she could realize how fortunate she was.

Under cross examination by defense attorney Frank Mungo, Det. Adams admitted that under Kentucky law, if someone kills their spouse, they will not get a cent of their assets. Mungo also made the point that her dept was 12 percent of her net worth, which was calculated as her and Bob's total assets divided in half.

Cheryl McCafferty's call logs were also brought up. According to cell phone records, Cheryl called her mother before she called 911 the morning of Bob's death. Her first call to her mom lasted about a minute, her mother's call back lasted about three minutes, and then Cheryl called 911. All of these calls occurred within about six minutes.